Sometimes very good people do very bad things for very good reasons.

An unexpected and unexplained event changes everything in the settlement, Oranit.
The Israeli Intelligence Community investigates and opens a whole can of worms. Many revelations are revealed that would be better left hidden. What happens after leads the reader through parts of the history of the Jews and Israel, the Holocaust, the founding of the state, the Yom Kippur and Lebanese wars as seen in the microcosm of the new settlement, Oranit.

Crossed lines is both a historical novel and a murder mystery. It covers the turbulent years of setting up a new settlement, Oranit in the State of Israel.
Crossed Lines tells of the settlers’ difficulties as, despite opposition, they set up their settlement in no-man’s land, the “green line” that marks the border between Israel proper and the West Bank. The settlers’ shared individual family histories and experiences help forge both close bonds and bitter rivalries. In the backdrop are the difficult relations with the Israeli bureaucracy, local and national politics and the neighboring Palestinian population.
The shared experience of the group, sometimes tragic, sometimes hilarious, causes strange twists and turns but inevitably has the group of settlers achieving their one goal- setting up a new settlement, Oranit, in a part of Israel that is as beautiful as it is controversial.