Times:97% of drug trials back the firm that paid for them .

In today’s psychiatry, every form of distress, or the slightest behavioural deviation from the 50th percentile is abnormal.
For every abnormality, there is a diagnosis. For every diagnosis, there is medication. The best medication is the most expensive.
The pharmaceutical industry makes the tobacco companies look like Mother Theresa. The complicity of Psychiatrists is disturbing, if not more so.
The Cavalier attitude to Ritalin is terrifying. The hype around the metabolic regulating drugs is puzzling.
The chicanery is known. A triad of tentacles throttles the therapies of today: A rampaging, avaricious pharmaceutical trade; a supine medical profession that has bought into the fallacies of the magic bullet and acceptance of the mafia-like professional insurance.
The pusillanimous politicians refuse to accept two relevant facts and act accordingly. Medicine today is not about getting well when you are ill. Medicine is about staying well and avoiding illness. Medicine is about prevention and rehabilitation, not eradication. Budgets are not endless and good service is not measured by giving the most expensive magic bullet.
Medicine and Government have to realise that in socialised medicine is about optimisation within the constraints of goals and budgets. It is no longer about Doctor-Patient Relationships. The Patient- Health Authority- Doctor triad has replaced that model.
There are pros and cons in this change. One pro is that health is available to all.
To face the new reality we have to face is that medicine cannot be hi-jacked by the Pharmaceutical industry and a compliant medical profession, nor can it be manipulated by soothsaying politicians.